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Hi everyone I'm not to good about describing my self. I am 50 years old and, I am a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces. I'm from Up-State New York and I have 20 years experience as a photographer with both Film and digital formats. I currently live in Florida. I will and love to travel. Photography is a passion that I can't do without. I am self taught, and I have formal training from Adirondack Community College. So a question that is ask to me on a regular bases is. What inspires me to takes pictures? Well it is you and everything that surrounds us. Time is a huge factor for me, taking pictures there are the golden hours but the best time for me is all the time. Please feel free to enjoy the moments in time that I have stopped. Please comment on the ones that you like or on the ones that you dislike. All comments are welcomed. If you want to schedule a shoot or ask questions please Contact me, also please a NOTE; my rates very so I suggest you contact me for Assignments, Dates, Times and Rates at

Thank You
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